Gypsy complaint in Durban (South-Africa)

About denomination of Gypsy People in official documentation of World Conference Against Racism

    3.9.2001 / From the Spanish organization Union Romaní and picking up the majority feeling from the gypsy organizations of all the world, we want to manifest our absolute unconformity with the denomination used to allude to the gypsy people in the documents that are being elaborated in the diverse Commissions of the World Conference against the Racism.
When someone speaks of us he would allude to the gypsy people, romà, romanies, gitano, sinti or nomads as if they were different people linked by common problems.
   From our organization, we claim respect for the only name for which the gypsies from all the world want to be known and identified which is the term “ROMÀ” -with tonic accent in the “a” as an acute word. ROMÀ is the plural of the nominative “ROM” and it means simply “GYPSIES.” We are the “ROMÀ”, that is to say “THE GYPSIES”.
Starting from this substantive, and in accordance with the declension which that term is subjected to in the gypsy language, you can use the expression romaní as the singular feminine genitive form that literally means “of the gypsy”, or “what is characteristic of the gypsy community”. The masculine genitive is romanò.
   We accept the complementary term “SINTI”, only and exclusively when it refers to a group of German gypsies who recognize themselves with this denomination, always complementary of the common and universal noun that is ROMÀ. Thus ROMÀ/Sinti can be said to identify this minority group, or ROMÀ/gitanos to refer to the Spanish gypsies or ROMÀ/gypsy simply to fix in English which populational group we are referring to.
We absolutely reject the denomination nomads because of its generic as imprecise character. Incorporating the translation of this expression for the universal denomination of our people is not justified by the fact of the existence of a tiny minority of persons who call themselves travellers.
   The gypsies from all over the world are making a great effort so that the society contemplates and accepts us as a single town, integrated for more than twelve million people who live fundamentally in Europe (10 millions) and in America (2 millions and a half). We are bearers of a common history in their origins and of an identical culture in the fundamental thing. The stubbornness of the documents editors in referring to us with multiple denominations contributes to distort still more the image that the majority society has about us, as well as to make more difficult our desire to appear in the presence of the public powers as a town that speaks with a single voice and remains united in the formulation of its fair recoveries.
   Finally, we want to make notice how the gypsy ONGs, present in this World Conference against the Racism, use all the same terminology to be identified. “European ROMA Rights Center”, of Hungary; “Union ROMANI”, of Spain; “Proceso Organizativo del Pueblo ROM”, of Colombia; “Pueblo ROM”, of Ecuador; “ROM Star Organization”, “ROMA Students Association” and “RROMA Center for Public Policies Aven amentza”, last three of Rumania; and “Romano Lil, ROMA Community and Advocacy Center”, as well as “Western Canadian ROMANI Alliance”, both of Canada.