17.06.2014 - FRANCE

Roma teenager in coma after being attacked and lynched by twelve attackers

Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front 

The EFE agency gave us the news. A Roma boy, 16, is in a coma after being assaulted on a housing estate in the Pierrefitte sur Seine area on the outskirts of Paris because it was suspected that he had been involved in a burglary.

The attack was carried out last Friday when twelve people from the Les Poètes area went to find the teenager in the camp where he lives. The police have said that the boy was beaten in a cellar and then taken away. He was later found unconscious in an abandoned shopping trolley by the side of the motorway.

Currently, none of his attackers have been arrested. They suspected that he had been involved in a burglary at an apartment. It is feared that the teenager's life is now at risk.


But what is this all about?

The ban has been lifted. Now the message is “hunt the gypsies down”. It makes no difference if they are guilty or not. Mere suspicion is sufficient. It makes no difference if his involvement in the crime was centre stage or if he was just on the look out in case the owners of the apartment came home. It makes no difference if, despite his youth, his appearance was that of a malnourished bag of bones. They still had to chase him and cruelly beat him.

His violent attackers’ actions were, in forensic terms, premeditated. They did not catch the teenager “red-handed” whilst making off with a television. No indeed, they went to seek him out in his suburb, in the shack where was living and they took him to an isolated cellar to set about him with their bare hands. It was not a difficult task. The 16 year old Roma youth was alone, we don't know if they tied his hands together and put a belt in his mouth so he wouldn't cry out while they moved him. Not that they would have needed to. He was already paralysed and frightened to death. Against him were twelve angry vigilantes, prepared to beat him cruelly.


The ban has been lifted

It would appear that the attackers had their suspicions as to who the burglar was and knew where he lived. That's why they went to find him. They didn't go to the police with the necessary information so that he could be arrested, judged and sentenced as appropriate.

They must have thought that it wasn't worth it. They wouldn't have wanted to lose the great pleasure of beating a gypsy, even if he was only a child, living in poverty.

The poor boy who will certainly be living under unbearable pressure, knowing that at any moment the Home Office could give the order to take him to the border and throw him out of the country.

We'll kill this rat, they must have thought.


Now what? What if they got the wrong victim?

Marine Le Pen won the elections in France. Le Pen and the usual racists are the sort who challenge the idea that the Holocaust existed, saying the gas chambers were just “a minor detail”. In 10 countries across the European Union parties on the extreme right have had a certain amount of success. They pursue us and in some cases even kill us. However, we did think that we had not yet reached a point in which citizens would take justice into their own hands and where the police, even at this level, have still not arrested any of the attackers.

Brothers, this is something to be fearful of.


Juan de Dios Ramírez-Heredia


President of the Romani Union




Translated by Annabel Walley within the initative PerMondo. Sponsored by Mondo Agit offering translations from Spanish into English.