(Translated from Spanish with a computer program)


Very few people should know that ultimately anti-Gypsyism policy is carried out by the President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy. Newspapers these days, including today Saturday, August 7, already speak of the first expulsion of a group of Roma families consisting of more than 100 people who lived in a settlement in Saint-Etienne in the Loire . And this is just the beginning because Sarkozy, well seconded by the Minister of Interior intends to expel the Roma living in settlements within three months, which achieved that even Berlusconi is considered a benefactor of our community.

Sarkozy is a master of demagogy as successful election has given him. What they do not discover anything new, because it has always happened the same. In times of crisis the rulers put particular emphasis on public policies and foolish politicians who are in opposition -thank God- not all pitch in his sardine Ember cheering any repressive measures against those that being poor, as migrants, living immersed in the discrimination and distrust are so they say criminals. For that reason the French government wants to dismantle the camps of the gypsies because they believe that immigrants are criminals nests. And this, said so, strange as it may be, is the applause and support of a large part of citizenship. When the French president says he wants to abolish the education and health to gypsies without proper documentation are many, many people, you applaud.

In France they live a little less than 400,000 Roma in which 90% are Roma settled in the territory ever since. Gypsies have French ancestors over 500 years when in 1418 planted a camp -What also illegal?- next to the walls of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Sarkozy can not of itself provide a genealogical chart like this, because if it is true that he was born in France, his father was Hungarian Pál Pál Nagybócsai Sarkozy, and his mother, Andrée Mallah, a Sephardic Jew who converted to Catholicism. It seems that someone with such pedigree he should assume a certain understanding and tolerance towards those who, like his own family, one day had to leave to the strength of their country of birth.

This is a spiral which is to be curbed urgently. Otherwise we will pay all the consequences. And if not, at the time. Michel Rocard, who was prime minister of France for seven years has said that "Nothing like going from the time of the Nazis. Focusing on political repression is a civil war. "

And I wonder what else has to spend to avoid history repeating itself?


Juan de Dios Ramírez-Heredia

President of the Romani Union