(Translated from Spanish with a computer program)


Some days ago we informed our friends -and society as a whole- the serious situation being experienced by our brothers the French gypsies, following the incidents caused in Saint Aignan, central France, where violent incidents occurred as a result of Police made a shot against a young gypsy who fled 22 years, causing death.

As denounced yesterday the French president has taken up the matter and showing his swashbuckling character has made populists of the statements that appeal to a certain majority, in the sense of saying, "we will end up with all the criminals" "France to expel all irregular", "end up with all Roma settlements, etc.., etc. Once again, we have put them all in the same bag, good and bad and as always pay for the sins.

The truth is that Roma are used to this kind of behavior by the authorities. Part of our own history. And although we are not resigned, we understand that our struggle to be respected and treated with justice and equity is an achievement that might get our children and grandchildren.

But now we want to denounce something much more serious because it can cause damage not only Roma but also French Spanish gypsies or any other country in the European Union. The French president has ordered one of his ministers to introduce into the agenda of the meeting of the 27 foreign ministers to be held in Brussels, one point connected with "the behavior of the Roma." And it has commissioned Pierre Lellouche, Secretary of State for European Affairs, to take matters into.


The Secretary of State for European Affairs, Pierre Lellouche, said that the European Roma Summit in Cordoba has not been for nothing.


But Mr. Lellouche does not inspire confidence because, among other things, has said that the Roma Summit held in Cordoba (Spain) during the Spanish Presidency has not been for nothing. For that reason wants the Belgian presidency, Italy and the European Commission is prepared to intervene. And if you are involved in this climate and with this pressure, we can expect the worst. The French Secretary of State does not beat around the bush and declared that "we must stop using the issue of discrimination, because it increases the flow of people working to create networks of child trafficking, prostitution and begging , which would extend, particularly in France. " With these words are his statements in the newspaper Le Monde gathered by journalist Jean-Pierre Stroobants.


As always, the gypsy excuse serves to distract public attention


President Sarkozy have the lowest popularity ratings of his political career, 25%. His government is involved in money scandals and Labour Minister, Eric Woerth, is embroiled in the controversy over the fight over the estate of the heirs of L'Oréal, and Francoise Liliane Bettencourt. Some say that Sarkozy's new policy guidelines are merely an attempt to divert attention and get points at the expense of a population for which few people are willing to defend.

Noël Mamère, Green Party MP said: "so that people quickly forget the scandal in which he has got, Sarkozy has invented a new distraction with a new scapegoat. It takes advantage of the good people of France and plays to the confusion by suggesting that all Rroma are foreigners. " The French Human Rights League has condemned the "Sarkozy makes racist stigmatization of the Roma through amalgam unacceptable." Samir Mile, a spokesman for Voice of the Rroma, an association that defends the rights of nomadic communities in France, said in an interview with Info Radio: "This issue is always the same way that we are experiencing a political crisis. If France goes wrong and the president does a lousy job, try to distract the public through easy targets."

The director of the association for the protection of the rights of Gypsies and Travellers "," Gens du voyage Fnasat, Stéphane Lévêque, told Efe that "makes no sense to give an ethnic dimension to pointlessly debate." Lévêque added that the dismantling of illegal camps announced by Sarkozy will only serve to "create tensions and reinforce a legitimate feeling of rejection" and not to "solve their difficulties." In the same line delivered the Human Rights League (LDH), which stressed that Sarkozy's statements "gives the impression that all Travellers and Roma are criminals and criminals."

Nicolas Sarkozy, in the words of French gypsies themselves, has declared war on the Gypsies. But the French gypsy group clustered in the Roma Associations have responded by signing a "Declaration of Peace." It says that "In order to safeguard the universal values that have made the greatness of France, (...) we appeal to men and women for the generous soul that begins in a moral awakening, encourage a new resistance to France remained the country's Human Rights. The Flame of Liberty must not be extinguished!

We, the Spanish Gypsies, we look to France with concern and fear. We were saying yesterday that racism is an infectious disease that in times of crisis expands exponentially. God grant that this time the fever will be short and impose the values of respect and harmony essential to the peaceful development of peoples.


Juan de Dios Ramírez-Heredia

Romani Union President