Hillary Clinton adresses to the Roma community in the International Roma Day

U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for whom promoting and protecting the rights of Roma has long been of personal interest, has recorded a special videotaped message on the occasion of International Roma Day in an effort to support the fight against Roma discrimination. In her statement, Secretary Clinton referred to the International Roma Day as an opportunity for people around the world to call attention to the history, experiences, and human rights of the Roma, Europe’s largest ethnic minority.  Please click here to watch the video.

Secretary Clinton saw firsthand the plight of the Roma, particularly Romani women and children, when she visited Roma communities in Central and Eastern Europe as the First Lady of the United States. As a member of the Helsinki Commission, she urged governments to do more to protect and promote the 10 million Roma who live in Europe.

“Despite important progress that has been made in the past decade, many Roma still live on the margins of society,” said Secretary Clinton.  “They continue to experience racial profiling, violence, discrimination, and other human rights abuses.” Secretary Clinton urged governments throughout Europe to continue their efforts to address the plight of Roma, to end discrimination and ensure equality of opportunity in education and employment.

The United States is committed to protecting and promoting the human rights of Roma throughout bilateral relations and involvement in organizations such as the United Nations and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. “We believe governments do have a special responsibility to ensure that minority communities have the tools of opportunity that they need to succeed as productive and responsible members of society,” said Secretary Clinton.


Watch the video of Hillary Clinton's statement