The Situation of Romà in Europe and in Particularly in Italy: Protecting human rights, ensuring freedom of movement

4 June 2008, 9.30-12.30, ASP 1G3
European Parliament, Brussels
Interpretation provided in: IT EN FR DE ES EL CS


Welcome and Introduction:

Giusto CATANIA, GUE/NGL, EP rapporteur on Human Rights in the EU
Human rights of Roma in the EU

Session 1 : Roma Rights as Human rights

Viktoria MOHACSI, ALDE MEP, Enquiry on the Italian Roma camps in Rome and Neaples

Claude CAHN, COHRE, Reflections on the Italian crisis, the need for a EU action

Claudio FAVA, PSE MEP, The impact of the political situation in Italy on Roma

Els DE GROEN, Green MEP, Discrimination against Roma

Jan Marinus WIERSMA, PSE MEP, The EU and the defence of Roma rights

Vittorio AGNOLETTO, GUE-NGL MEP, Human Rights and Roma: incompatible?

Question and Answers


Session 2 : Freedom of Movement, EU citizenship, Roma Rights

Adina VALEAN, ALDE MEP, EP rapporteur on freedom of movement, Freedom of movement in Europe

Monica FRASSONI, Greens/EFA MEP, Co-President, Compatibility of the Italian "security package" with EU legislation

Salvatore PALIDDA, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Genoa

Marco CAPPATO, ALDE MEP, A Nation without a State in the European context: Homeland Europe vs Europe of Homelands

Juan de Dios RAMIREZ HEREDIA, "Unión Romaní", Los gitanos en los albores del siglo XXI: Un milagro de supervivencia

Questions and Answers