The European Parliament accepts the request of Unión Romaní to start an inquiry for purge responsibilities after racists aggressions suffered by gypsies from Ponticelli (Naples)

      19.06.2008 / Dear all: On the seriousness of the sad events which are suffering our Gypsy fellows in Italy, today I have the pleasure to announce that the European Parliament will process an investigation on racists acts happened in Ponticelli (Naples).
This is an important new. If we manage the Committee of Petitions of the European Parliament undertakes a thorough investigation, and if subsequently all kind of responsibilities from those terrible aggressions suffered by Gypsy people will purged, so we might found the first Resolution that in the political sphere it will oblige determined people, institutions or Governments to repair the harm of so many innocent beings.
      From now on we will work hard to bring as much information as possible to Deputies who compose the Committee of Petitions of the European Parliament. We have confidence in the work of these people and we will claim to all Parliamentary Groups to support this set of initiatives that we will propose to the Commission in its field of competence.
      We know European Parliament is not a Court of Justice. We know too that the European Parliament is not the Executive Power in the European Commission. But European Parliament is the highest institution which reflects the real will, expressed democratically, of the European citizens. For this reason, today we are proud of the decision to accept our petition, that it has already bore fruit since the moment we asked the European Commission to initiate, officially, the preliminary investigation of the events.
      With renewed faith on our capacity to defend justice and Human Rights of everyone, I send you my best Gypsy wishes.



View the copy of the document we have received from the President of the Committee of Petitions of the European Parliament.