Letter to the presidents of political groups in the european parliament

    15.01.2008 / Regarding the debate on European Roma Strategy that appears on your agenda of January plenary session in Strasbourg, members of the National Roma Centrum has done this appeal to the Members of the European Parliament. From Unión Romaní, we endorse this document and we support it entirely.

  • The European Roma Strategy is a necessity as well as priority for the European Union especially after the events that took place in Italy last year. Such strategy should serve the EU as an instrument for prevention of similar developments in other EU member states;

  • The European Roma Strategy should primarily focus on improving the living conditions of the Roma in Europe, create jobs for jobless Roma, deepen the system of non-discrimination and combat Anti-Gypsyism in the EU, support education of the Roma, bring health in the Roma settlements and promote Roma political inclusion.
        In a same time the European Roma Strategy should take into account the official recommendations of the CoE, the OSCE action Plan on Roma as well as the Decade of Roma Inclusion programs.

  • Creation of a Roma Unit within the European Commission should be a number-one priority for the EU, especially after the European Council recognises the urgency of the matter and undertakes concrete steps as soon as possible. Such Unit on Roma issues can help the policy, implementation and monitoring part of the European Strategy on Roma in Europe;

  • The European Roma Strategy should serve Roma as equal citizens in the EU and should be tabled for consultation as well as to be developed  together with Romani partners;

  • The Roma in the EU are 12 million people. With the future enlargement of the EU meaning of the accession of the Western Balkans states the number will increase to 14-15 million and with Turkey will come to 16-17 million Roma;