International Romani Meeting in Buenos Aires

     17.09.2007 / From the 25th to the 28th  September, with the sponsorship of the Working Group on Minorities of the United Nations, AICRA (member of SKOKRA) will celebrate an internacional encounter of the Romani People, in Buenos Aires, at the Apart Hotel & Spa Congreso, with the participation of Romani attendants and representatives from Europe and Latin America, in a few days we will be sending to all of you the agenda of the event, the subject of the meeting will be: Human Rights, Discrimination and Romani associationism, two representtives of the Working  Group on Minorities and of the local Government of Buenos Aires will attend the event. People from Buenos Aires who receive this mail and want to participate, will be welcome.

Te ashen Devlesa,

Jorge Bernal & Juan Carlos Atanasio