OSCE Initiates Information Gathering on Roma Minority in BiH

     28.05.2002 / Supporting and strengthening the capacity of Romani NGOs and increasing their access to governmental authorities and human rights institutions continues to be one of OSCE's priorities. With this in mind, OSCE assists the Roma Advisory Board (to be established soon) in the creation and realisation of the National Action Plan for Roma in BiH. This plan is aimed at ensuring the full and effective participation of Roma in governmental policy bodies and structures, as well as combating discrimination and prejudice against Roma.
   As and important step forward in the creation of the National Action Plan on Roma in Bosnia and Herzegovina the OSCE Human Rights Department launched a "Roma Questionnaire" on April 25. The Human Rights field staff will use it to collect basic information on Roma in BiH. The questionnaire covers general issues but includes also a focus on education. In completing the questionnaire, OSCE Human Rights field staff will work directly with Roma representatives and be able to gather fundamental information on Roma, such as population statistics, the location of Roma communities and the number of Roma children attending schools in BiH. Currently such information is not available.