Another step towards the equal opportunities for Roma

    17.01.2002 / The OSCE Ministerial Council, meeting in Bucharest 3-4 December, adopted Decision No. 7, concerning the Bucharest Conference on Equal Opportunities for Roma and Sinti and an action Plan of Targeted Activities (annexed).
   The Ministerial Council has tasked the ODIHR to elaborate the Plan as mandated by the Istanbul Summit in its Declaration. The same 1999 Summit recognized the particular difficulties faced by Roma and Sinti and the need to undertake effective measures in order to achieve full equality of opportunity, consistent with OSCE commitments, for persons belonging to Roma and Sinti, in the context of the Istanbul Charter for European Security.
   The Action Plan should be, according to the Ministerial Council Decision, one of the ways to strengthenning the ability of the Contact Point for Roma and Sinti Issues to assist the participating States in fulfilling their commitments to improve the situation of Roma and Sinti.
   The political process for developing the OSCE Action Plan of Targeted Activities for Roma and Sinti, succesfully launched by the Bucharest Conference, is thus entering its realization phase. The phase of formulating the Action Plan does not mean any weakening of the ongoing consultation process of which the Bucharest Conference on Roma and Sinti was the central part.